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I am a documentary photographer and visual storyteller.
Interested in the outer edges of society, I document the lives and realities of those painfully affected and neglected by the social and political structures of our society.

I record and visualize the stories and struggles of individuals and communities, often in collaboration with them. The emerging accounts are either intimate visual narratives that speak to underlying larger issues, or photojournalistic series that directly show problematic socio-political conditions.

Strongly influenced by the emotional and told with a language of evidence and lyricism, my work is to both inform and affect the public society - and the very policy makers and systems that are largely responsible for the social and political struggles at hand.

Based in Den Haag (NL) and available for assignments.

My work has appeared in publications such as Creemag, Common Ground Magazine, nmthype, Under Her Gaze We Feel Golden, and on the cover of ‘Der Wille zur Zukunft” (Peter Selg, 2017) and ‘It’s Heavy’ (Supersonic Blues / Who Can You Trust Records 2021)

Faces in the Water (2022)
Uitfeest / Fotodok, Wolvenplein Utrecht, Netherlands

I miss you, home (2022)
KENCES Conference, Nieuwe Kerk, The Hague, Netherlands

Faces in the Water (2022)
Graduation exhibition, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands

Faces in the Water (2022)
Project presentation, Bozar, Brussels, Belgium

I miss you, home (2021)
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands

Female Bodies (2021)
‘Don’t hold your breath’, The grey space in the middle, The Hague, The Netherlands

Research Labs (2021)
EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Talks and conversations

The Future of Europe / mental illness and European policies, 2022 
Amplifying underrepresented voices, Bozar, Brussels

Photgraphs and findings regarding the housing crisis
with Alderman Martijn Balster, Den Haag

How can art influence politics? 2021
the housing crisis, squatting, and the influence of art.
D66, Den Haag

Squatting as a consequence of the housing crisis, 2021 Exhibition tour for the Housing Task Force Den Haag


BA Documentary Photography, Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag NL (2022)