Faces in the Water

On mental illness and systematic disregard

Faces in the Water is a record of sadness, disorder, and the neglect of systems.
It is, in itself, a piece of pain, and a piece of empathy - furiously driven by the urge to speak: to a faulted system that sends away those who desperately need it, and to the inadequate flatness of society.

Following the stories of five young adults grappling with depression, disorders and suicidal thoughts, the project looks at the impact of mental illnesses on their lives - and at their struggle with the Dutch mental health care system.

Through photographs, interviews and drawings, the five share intimate accounts of being in increasing conflict with themselves, and of being sent away, unheard, unhelped and misunderstood.

Read the full stories in the Newspaper ‘Dear GGZ, I’m angry that I needed you’ (2022). First edition sold out, second edition coming soon. If interested, please send an email to selg.lina[AT]gmail.com.

The Project

The Publication

Faces in the Water no1:
Edition of 5

Faces in the Water no2:
Dear GGZ, I’m angry that I needed you.

Edition of 50