Punks don’t dance

stories from the underground

This portrait and documentary series shows characters and scenes from the ‚Underground‘, the anti-fascist anarchist scene of Den Haag; a scene which is commonly wrongly reduced to drug addicts and lowlifes.

What I encountered was a a fascinating, caring and highly politcial group of (young) adults that value solidarity, individuality, fighting for a different future.
Some of them are activists, protesting the inhumain reality of the housing market and the structures of racism and facism embedded in the dutch society.  Some are musicians, punks, misfits. Others are international students, having to result to squatting unable to find secure housing elsewhere.

They all face a harsh reality of exclusion, an economy that favours capital over individuals and an increasingly difficult law system regarding squatting, all the while the problems of the housing industry continue to worsen.

And through it all, they are a community.

And they do dance.